Thursday, May 26, 2011

Connecting with Joplin, Missouri

I was born at St John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri and my mother's side of the family still lives there.  My family members survived the tornado that shredded a portion of the city on Sunday night.

My heart and prayers have gone out to all who have been touched by the upheavals of Mother Earth in these days of coming together as one in love through "natural" disasters.  The human side of me has staggered at the tragedies all over the world, and now it is personal.  These past few days our TVs have been centered on the Weather Channel for the latest updates from not only Missouri, but the Memphis area where my mom, sister and brothers live.

The human part of me has felt connected by having the Weather Channel on every TV in the house and disconnected when it was off. 

The human-ness sees the tragedy and feels the pain of these life events while the spiritual side feels the energy of hope and possibility that love "IS."

My angels have been showing me that heartbreaking as these events are, they are helping us to come together as one in love to disconnect from the heavy density of the third world dimension of Mother Earth and open our hearts to the love energy of the fourth dimension, bringing Heaven to Earth.  Many of us are literally experiencing one foot in the third dimension and one foot in the fourth dimension as our spiritual-ness experiences transformation.  As each individual opens their heart to love in prayer and gratitude reality shifts.

Even though I grew up (after age 3) in Arkansas farm country outside of Memphis, we spent summers with our grandparents in Joplin.  When I got out of high school I moved there for a few years before transplanting to Colorado.  I loved living in Joplin.  I always felt there was hope and possibility there - and it smelled different.  The smell of Shoal Creek in the summer promised the coolness of its water after a ninety degree day while fireflies sparkled in the woods at Grandma's house. 

Gratitude for the memories and hope for the future will heal the wounds of grief.

I continue to pray for all who have been touched by startling life events all over the world.  Be gentle with yourselves in the coming days to allow yourselves to grieve while holding to the memories in the love of gratitude.  We are a world of survivors who take living and creating something new from devastation seriously as not only a possibility but a given.

If you would like to help the victims of this or any other disaster through the Red Cross, you may click here to access their website to get information.

As my gift to you, you may download the Healing Mother Earth with Love meditation to send love to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  Click here and follow the directions.

In love and light,

Note: If you've read the Waiting in the Other Room book you know that a portion of the purchase of the book is given to the Ronald McDonald House on 34th street - within walking distance of St John's Hospital.  The Ronald McDonald House is still intact and the people who work and volunteer there are all okay. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Message from Jesus about Armageddon

I'm still responding to all the emails I received in response to the Please Send Me an Angel message I shared with all of you on Monday. May 16.  At 2:00am yesterday morning Jesus and Archangel Metatron woke me up to weigh in on what we are all experiencing:

We've spoken of the fear that rocks Mother Earth.  Many of the physical world teachings speak of "last days - of Armageddon." This is what you are experiencing feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, deep despair, intense sadness, the absence of joy and the feeling of being disconnected from God.  The "battle" is within each one of you - these feelings are forcing you to choose between helplessness and digging in your heels to claim the power of your faith in your connection with God. 

Collectively each one of you are using your free will to actively make this choice.  You are reconnecting with each other on a soul level through the breath of God that is your essence.  One by one as each of you choose to band with God, your energy ascends into God source energy and you bring heaven to earth.

Pick up your sword of love and cut the cords of fear that envelope you - call on Archangel Michael for help - for he commands legions of angels to support you in this battle with the "energies" - this battle within.

Continue to pray and know that your prayers are heard and answered.  Know that your feelings of being disconnected and alone are the physical world illusion of fear.  The reality is that through your choice to believe and activate your connection with The Creator you are shifting your energy to more closely match that of the fourth dimension of the angelic realm.  In this time of transformation your human brains feel the presence of God in a new way and it feels foreign.

Know there are legions of angels walking with you to help you during this time of physical world upheaval and despair.  Even in your darkest hour the light of God shines upon you.

This time of reconnection is an introduction to mastery of your power.  In the coming days you will come to understand what this means.

Your mission is one of great importance to heal and shift the collective consciousness to the love energy casting away the illusion of fear.

There will be many who return to the angelic realm to continue the healing process.  Know this is their choice and though their physical body is gone from the earthly plane, the essence of their love is with you always.

We wish for you to understand this:  that which is not of the light can no longer hide.  As the planetary consciousness shifts to love, secrets, lies, hidden agendas and misdirection from the truth - all that is of the darkness will be revealed.  Know that this revelation is not to elicit judgment, but forgiveness.  Forgiveness without judgment must be experienced in order for the collective energy of love to part the veil for transformation to a higher level of existence.

With the voice of God, command your birthright as God's essence to live in a state of love. The more firmly grounded you are in love source, the easier your lives will be.  Embrace the joy of gratitude in all moments to anchor your free will in love and your lives will flow easier.

Jeshua and Archangel Metatron

As my husband would say, we've gotten it from the top! 

When I received this information, and yes, there was more that I'll share at a later date, I physically felt love flood my body.  I've heard for years of Armageddon as a fight in the streets between God and Satan.  When Jesus and Archangel Metatron showed me that the battle is now and it is going on within our own hearts as we disconnect from the dense heaviness of our third dimension to bring heaven of the fourth dimension to earth I was in awe.  And I understood.

Those who have predicted the ending of the world on May 21 (yes, that is Saturday...) are jumpstarting the push to choose: live in helplessness or dig in your heals to claim the power of your faith in your connection with God. 

The active, conscious choice made today changes everything! 

The last thing Jesus and Metatron told us is to be in gratitude - that gratitude will help us.  As my gift to you in paying forward the love I felt by being given this message, I offer to you The Power of Gratitude meditation as my gift.  Point your browser here and follow the directions to download The Power of Gratitude in MP3 format.

In love and light,

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Please Send Me an Angel...

I received an email today with "Please send me an Angel" in the subject line.  The lady who wrote to me felt as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders.  She had tried prayer and meditation, but was unable to focus and she was exhausted.

Between emails and talking with people personally I know that there is an energy that is sweeping the planet like an epidemic.  I've experienced it, too.

Both men and women are feeling:
profoundly sad, emotional and tearful
intense fear for no apparent reason
as if the universe dumped a load on your shoulders
a strong disconnection from God as if you are alone

Know that you are not alone in experiencing this - hold to the light of your faith - this will pass. I know it is horrible while you're experiencing it - it is almost as if you are alone on an island of despair - and even though there are people around you, you cannot connect with them - you're all alone, and the sadness is overwhelming.

This is an energy of a different "nature" something that we must overcome as spiritual beings of the light of God.

When the energy passes you'll feel a huge sense of relief and feelings of hope and possibility will take its place. Remember there is perfection in all things - even these moments feeling sad and desperately lonely. The steps you take to hold strongly to your faith that you are profoundly loved will catapult you into divine blessings after the sadness passes.

I hold each one of you in my heart as divinely protected and profoundly loved. Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder - cyber hug from me!

I send a LEGION of Angels to hold you safe.

In love and light,

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The Meaning of Insanity

Albert Einstein said the meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.  Many times we look within, we disconnect, we heal - we take all the right action steps except the final, most important one.  We stay in fear source energy instead of actively, consciously shifting to love source.

What does living from a source of love mean?

Maybe it would be easier to look at what it doesn't mean.  It doesn't mean living in:
worry or
fretting or
stressing or
feeling overwhelmed or
feeling frustrated or
being aggravated or
feeling anxious about money or the lack thereof...

How many of the items listed were a part of your life today?

When you step back and look at your life what does your energy look like in this moment?  Is it exciting, joyful and happy?  Or have you shifted into a state of being numb to protect yourself from the hiccups that life has been throwing at you for years?

No matter how much healing we do within, until we shift our energy from the numb "normal" state of fear to the excited, joy filled energy of love we will continue to attract things to us that promote more:
worry and
fretting and
stressing and
feeling overwhelmed and
feeling frustrated and
being aggravated and
feeling anxious about money or the lack thereof...
The "May Energy Releases Hostage Shackles!" article talks about how the energies of May are supporting disconnecting from relationships that no longer serve us.  But we must then take the necessary step of actively shifting the energy within from fear to love.  When we do this it is as if the heavens open and rain down upon us blessings of prosperous abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

How are you feeling right now?  Are you feeling excited and joyful?  If you are, embrace it fully and set the intention to "notice" if and when your energy shifts out of positivity into negativity.  If your core energy is that of anything outside of joy, step back and pull from your archive of past experiences a "joy filled" experience.  Embrace the joy in full gratitude - breathe in the joy - become the energy of joy.

Now is a time of almost instant manifestation.  What are you subconsciously manifesting?  Worry.....?
Use the wisdom of the definition of insanity to actively do something different by consciously shifting your energy into solid, anchored JOY!

If you need some help making your shift, join me tonight on the Spiritual Whispers Radio Show.  My special guest tonight is Positivoligist, Lynette Turner.  We will be discussing her book the 10 Be's of Positivity.  Everyone listening will receive a free copy of her e-book!  Click here to schedule a reminder.  (If you are reading this after the program, you may download the recording here.)

In love and light,

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Energy Releases Hostage Shackles!

The shadow of Mercury Retrograde ends today.  Thank you, God!  It has been a very challenging yet enlightening and liberating eight weeks of pre-retrograde, retrograde and post retrograde.

In talking with you by phone and email you've shared with me the same message over and over - the stories are different, but the point is the same.  The past few weeks have been a huge time of completion.  Each one of us has had an opportunity to disconnect from some form of relationship that has held us hostage "most of" or "all of" our lives.  

These relationships have been with:
significant others
thought processes and beliefs
hidden grief
the list goes on and on...

Look at your life.  In some way did a relationship "come to a head," "complete" or "end" for you in the past few weeks?

Step back as an observer, without emotion, and look at the dynamics of the relationship.  Upon deep review you will see that at some level your part in this relationship has held you back - held you hostage from moving forward in joy - yet it has served a purpose.  Disconnecting from it begins the healing process and opens the way to step firmly into your power and create the life you really want to live!

However, you have a choice - you may choose to hang on to what has completed, imprisoning yourself once again or you may cut the ties and step forward and create something new, wonderful and different in your life.  Take a deep breath  What have you been dreaming about, wanting to do or create in your life that you've felt was beyond your reach? 

Know that disconnecting from the imprisoning relationship bridges the gap between you and your dreams.  The energies flowing throughout our blessed Mother Earth in this moment of today supports you to make manifest into your reality the desires of your heart.
The enlightened, lighter energy of May supports disconnection from the shackles of this relationship and surrounds you with healing love and encouragement to fulfill your dreams. 

If you've been feeling the nudge that the innermost dreams of your heart are possible, but your ego mind has been skeptical, this is your "Aha Moment of Possibility!"  Go for it!

If you feel you need help disconnecting fully from the relationships that have held you hostage, ask your angels to help, they are beside you anxious to be of assistance.  You may also use the Healing Circle of Love meditation technique to send love to yourself with the intention to heal and disconnect from the past.  Know that you are fully supported in your intention to move forward in love and light.

May your step into the higher vibration of love and fulfillment flow easily - you're ready!

In love and light,

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