Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Beginnings, How do I create my highest good?

Father's Day weekend my daughter was providing pet photography services for Samantha's Katz 'n Dogz' open house (if you live in Aurora, Colorado, I highly recommend them for all your dog and cat needs!) so the Majik poodle and I dropped in to support them and stock up on dog treats.  When I went to open the passenger door of my truck to put Majik in his car seat there was a green dragonfly on the edge of the door.

Since I was holding Majik, I asked Jesse to come over and take a photograph of it.  After photographing him, we thanked him and I slowly opened the door so he would fly on his way, but he didn't.  He was quite content to hang out on my door.

Jessi asked me if I wanted to hold him and I told her, no.  When I held up my hand to gently suggest he fly on his way, he did fly off the door - directly on to my hand!  Then we got really excited!

I love dragonflies because they are magical and they are the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment - and it was Father's Day weekend...

Hmmm...  a validation from spirit that all the changes I'm making in my life are good?  Perhaps a strong NUDGE to consciously work at staying centered, balanced and stay clear on my goals and In The Energy of What I Want to Create - the Energy of my Highest Good?

Are your goals still in alignment with the desires of your heart?  Step back as the observer and take an honest look at your life without the anxiety of emotion.  In what areas are you holding on to things that no longer server you?  e.g. old clothing, ...thought patterns, ...unforgiveness ...relationships?

And while you're there, just what does your heart desire?  Are you clear on what really makes your heart sing?  If you are, is there something that is blocking you from stepping into your power to create the life that you truly wish to live?

Perhaps you want a new job, new car or new relationship?  BUT...  you may not know what that new job, car or relationship looks like, so you get stuck on taking the steps to draw to you what you want.

The key to creation is stepping into the energy of what you want to create!

I know, I know, I'm hearing your thought voices asking, "and how do I get into the energy of creation?"

Close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath, then focus on what it would feel like to do, be or have what makes your heart sing.  What does it FEEL like?  This is your energy of creation!

It is time to break down the illusions you hold that restrict your actions, your ideas and your energy of creation!  You can do this! It comes down to which is more painful, hanging on to the fear of the past that keeps you blocked or stepping into the unknown of powerful creation?  If you need help with fully releasing that which blocks you and you are ready for a "fast track" approach to healing and making changes in your life, I will be sharing an exciting program I've designed with you in mind.  I'll be announcing it next week, so be sure to watch your email!

Now is the perfect time to make the changes you wish to make to create your version of heaven on earth!  Are you ready?

In love and light,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why am I struggling with trust and feeling stuck?

Is your human brain telling you one thing and your heart is telling you another?  Are you experiencing an intuitive nudging with regard to a life situation or relationship and you "think" guidance is being revealed to you, but you're questioning it?   Are you asking yourself, "Why am I struggling with trust and feeling stuck?"

As a human it is easier to wallow in stuckness - that is our normal - that is what we do - we are HUMAN!

The veil of "knowing what our highest good is" and being uncertain about it is thinning - thinning so much that our intuitive guidance is on high alert working at illuminating the path of our highest good, but our human brain is struggling to accept that our guidance really knows what it is doing!  So we do nothing as we struggle with trust in the knowing within us and we stay stuck.

A client asked me what do I do when this happens?  Well... I'm human too, and I get on my fast track horse and I hit the trail blazing, then my humanness kicks in and I fall off, lay there and wallow in being wishy, washy about decisions and basically wallow in horse poop, till its more painful and stinky to stay there than it is to get up and put my Power Pants and Big Girl shoes back on.  Quite the visual, isn't it?  ;)

The root of struggling and being stuck is simply this:  DECIDING

Deciding to do something different.  Deciding to listen to the guidance from deep within.  Deciding to allow the love light within you to shine upon your life path dissipating the shadows of the illusion of fear.  Deciding to choose to experience a lighter energy of love and light.

Choosing to make this choice changes everything.  The energy you're vibrating at, the energy you're exuding, the energy you're attracting to you.

Know that when you make the decision - the choice to experience a reality of joy, love and light, you are fully supported by not only your team of the angelic realm, but the universe and Mother Earth herself.  You are fully supported and cannot fail.  There is no such thing as failure!

~ Ask your angels for help and allow yourself to take in their guidance
~ Open your arms wide to receive help, guidance and prosperous abundance that is your birthright
~ STOP holding your breath!
~ Breathe deeply in gratitude and expand that energy of gratitude out to everything around you!
~ Allow yourself to accept the possibility... of how powerful you really are!
~ Just Do IT!  Follow the guidance of your heart and Just Do It - without apology and without fear - worry does nothing to enhance your life, why spend any time there?

Our human lives are full of uncertainty, doubt and at times, outright fear!  Choices and decisions are hard for humans, but easy for the spiritual being-ness within each one of us.  Listening to that still, quite voice within - that whisper of God - makes life easier and so much more fun!

Are you ready to walk away from the days of struggling and being stuck?

Decide!  Make the choice to create a new reality - you can do it!

In love and light,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Déjà vu and Energy

The energy of change to a newer earth paradigm is building...

Since June began I've been personally experiencing the following symptoms at a magnified level:
~ eye strain
~ headachy
~ lack of appetite
~ ravenous appetite
~ fragmented and scattered
~ agitated and anxious for no apparent reason
~ serious déjà vu
~ amplified precognition
~ acute awareness with laser focus
~ feeling of something "big" about to happen
~ struggle to shut down the mind to sleep - exhausted, but experiencing a might "miss something if I go to sleep energy
~ feeling energetic, but exhausted
~ restlessness, unable to settle - as if the calm before the storm
~ losing ability to navigate and align with earthly measure of time

Whew!  What about you?  Have any of these symptoms shown up in your life in the past two weeks?  Many of you have written to me and I've spoken to you personally on the phone about these very symptoms - so I know I'm not the only one!

Over the weekend my daughter and her roommate joined me for dinner.  We played Black Jack  after.  The Majik poodle thinks he needs to be involved in everything so he sat in my lap and Jessi gave him some chips for him to play, too.  He was very brave (or reckless) and kept betting "all in" and repeatedly won!  Majik played quietly, but we three girls were very noisy, laughing, cheering and screaming with excitement.  The picture to the right is of Majik and his winnings.

While we were playing cards, Jessi brought up several déjà vu experiences she's been having.  Then I shared some of mine, which expanded into a discussion of the energies we and our planet are experiencing right now.

Today, these symptoms (listed above) are the new normal.

The veil between our world and that of All of Creation is thin today, but it will be thinner tomorrow and thinner the next day.  As energy waves from outside the earth affect us and the veil thins, our bodies are working overtime to re-align to the higher vibration - the vibration source that creates our heaven on earth.  Our planet is experiencing huge transformational shifts to the higher vibration of love - the vibration that creates more love.  As this occurs the darkness is illuminated and secrets are revealed - one example is the NSA surveillance program.

The light illuminates the darkest of secrets on all levels from private individuals to corporations and governments - nothing can hide any longer.  To those who do not understand this process, today's revelations are frightening and worrisome, but to those who understand, it is simply a matter of course.

Transformation to the higher energy of love and light is a process that no one gets to opt out of.  Are you fighting this alignment to a higher expression of yourself or are you breathing into it to flow in ease and grace?  Next question, what can we do to make this time easier for ourselves?

Tips and tools that I use that may be of benefit to you: 

Ground often using your favorite grounding method and listen to your body if it craves beef (a grounding food)
Actively work with your angels surrounding yourself with love in order to think clearly, align with focus and maintain a sense of comfort, peace and safety when your outside world is experiencing chaos beyond your control
Let go of what you have no control of - give it to your angels and release the need to take it back and play with it by continuing to worry about it ~ remember, worry does nothing to enhance your life!
Participate or initiate activities that cause you to laugh - perhaps a game of Black Jack with the dog?

Horror and tragedy of earth changes as well as the darkness of secrets being revealed can wreak havoc with our lives and send us into a tailspin of uncertainty, doubt and chaos - if we allow ourselves to be overcome with the fear energy.  When we are helpless to physically help during tragic life events we can do something powerful - send love and light through prayer and meditation.

Again, I invite you to join me tonight to send love and light through a guided meditation to the core of Mother Earth touching all the humans involved.  Together we will hold the safe space to blanket Mother Earth and her human inhabitants with love from deep within to without.  I hope you'll join me - 9pm ET Spiritual Whispers Blog Talk Radio - click here.

Sending love and light to all...

Fires in Colorado

Fires in Colorado - Water in the East

You may have seen on the news that there are massive fires burning here in Colorado.  I want to thank all of you who have written or called me to check on me and my family.  We are fine. The Black Forest fire was roughly fifty miles south of where we live, however yesterday the wind shifted north pushing it in our direction filling the air here with ashes.  It was as if there was a low ground fog, but it was smoke and ash, not moisture.  The wind shifted again and I believe we are safe.

For days I've been feeling as if something "big" was going to happen.  I believe that all things are in Divine order, even "natural" disasters, but my human heart is aghast and horrified, yet filled with compassion for what those experiencing the tragedy of fire from the firemen involved, to homeowners to media keeping the world updated - all who are touched.

The fire locations stretch from southern to northern Colorado within a few miles of the I25 corridor.  My angels tell me it is important for this section of Mother Earth to receive healing prayers of love and light from around the world.  Water is an issue throughout a huge section of the northeastern US.  Here too, Mother Earth is in need of healing love.

As we pray collectively as a group, sending love and light to the earth and the humans touched by tragedy, the darkness of fear must dissipate.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reincarnation - Knowledge is Power!

Because I'm the age I am and grew up where I did, the word "Reincarnation" had a stigma about it.  A feeling of uncertainty and mysticism.  I remember as a child hearing adults talk about someone telling others they were reincarnated and feeling the hush of disapproval.

Now I talk about past lives freely without restraint, knowing in my heart how real they are.  From this perspective "reincarnation" loses its mystery, becomes commonplace and is now a tool to help me understand why I hold certain fears in my heart.

For example, knives freak me out.  In looking back at past lives from deep within, I learned I was killed in a past life by someone I loved running a sword through my body.  At first the knowing of this past life haunted me - making me feel uncomfortable.  Then when I experienced a past life regression, we addressed this lifetime and I discovered I had completed what I came here to do that lifetime and my physical body dying was ok.  AND... I forgave the person who killed me and the "why" behind it.

By facing, disconnecting from and forgiving this past life experience it healed. I am still very careful with knives, but the haunting pain of the past is gone.

Each one of us is experiencing our own learning curve of shifting from the pain of a fear filled human existence to incorporating love filled spiritual being-ness into our human lives.  We're here to love.  Facing a past life may be your catalyst to a huge shift into your power and/or you may find a priceless tool in the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Gift Give Away.  Open your heart to the Divine guidance within you and boldly follow it!

May you feel the love of your angels surrounding you, guiding you, and fully supporting you to release the fear that is your normal way of living and step into an expanded expression of yourself in love!

Sending love and light to all...