Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Perfect Time to be Bossy

The "Unknown" aspect of our reality is often a catalyst to opening the door to the illusion of fear. We are creatures of habit and when something different comes our way, something outside our normal way of living, something that holds the energy of the unknown - many times our first instinct is to spiral out of control in fear – because we're conditioned to belief the "unknown" is a scary thing.

The old paradigm of living was repetition, and routine – and we longed for something more – we longed for a time to create something new and different.

That ability to create something new and different is now.  The shifting energies of this time of now draws to us opportunities through life experiences to create an entirely new reality – and what do we do? Freak out – that’s what we do!

We're in a new paradigm of living, one that we've longed for all our lives.  The illusion of fear is blatantly slapping us in our faces daring us to cast low vibrating energy aside, embrace our power as spiritual beings of love and light and create through this higher vibration all that we desire - a world of love, prosperity, joy and peace.

We have the power to manifest immediately and to heal our own bodies, but we still cling to the archaic belief that we are helpless and powerless.  Now is the time to release these limiting thought patterns and beliefs to create the New Earth of Christ Consciousness.

As energetic beings of love and light, we are fully supported by those of the angelic realm as well as the slow beating heart of Mother Earth.  Together we are one - one energy of love and light - we are infinite possibility incarnate.

There is much going on in our personal lives that force us out of our normal routine by what we judge as hiccups, challenges and adversity.  We all have our own zone of comfort. The energy of Mother Earth is fluctuating forcing our personal energy of being-ness to fluctuate as well. As limitless human spirits of love and light, we have the power within us to send out energy pods to create new, exciting life situations and relationships - or... to hang on to limiting beliefs and create more life situations and relationships that we don't want.

The question is, which do we choose?

Many are experiencing heart wrenching life situations such as death, illness, fire, financial ruin. The pain is in the belief of loss. Florence Scovel Shinn taught in the Game of Life that “there is no loss in Divine Mind.”

From the soils of Mother Earth blades of grass grow after a fire, illness and death brings the opportunity to celebrate life, financial ruin opens the way to create something new. Yet we are human and the human body must grieve when the heart feels the pain of loss. The key is to shift from despair to the perfection of gratitude as quickly as we can.

Our pain stems from the conditioning and belief of loss. When we tap into the energy of love that shows us that there is no loss in Divine Mind, and accept this as our reality, we are truly limitless possibility in human form to do, be and have all that we desire.

As a child I was taught that death is a terrible thing and I believed it was the worst thing that could ever happen.  Death of a loved one is heart breaking and I believe, the deepest pain we will ever experience as a human. Through opening my heart to the love that is my essence I’ve learned that death is a celebration of life in the purest form of love.

No matter what the judgment is of the status of our lives we can choose to live in fear and uncertainty giving our power away to the ethers or we can choose to release the negative thought patterns and beliefs of being limited and choose to believe that we are one with God and allow God’s powerful loving energy to create through us a new reality of love, light, peace and joy.

These words typed with angelic guidance make it sound so easy… and it is - it is our human-ness that produces difficulty in our lives.  We feel pain because we believe we are separate from God, separate from the unconditional love of our heavenly home. When we let go of that belief and choose to believe the love of God is our essence... that love creates through us our reality... and our life changes. There is no pain in the love of God. There is no death, no illness, no pain – only celebration of life from the spiritual essence that gives existence to our body.

What is your choice today? Do you choose to live in the old paradigm of limited thought patterns and beliefs or do you choose to be the boss of your energy and create a new, different life of joy, love and happiness that is your birthright?

The angels have shown me in angel readings energy pods bursting from the forehead of a client to create as their reality the desires of their heart.  You are energy waiting for direction!  It's time to be bossy!  Give your energy pods direction to create something wonderful today!

Trip to Arkansas next week!
Jesse and I are planning to begin our new adventure of caring for my grandmother in Arkansas next week. She is currently in the hospital with pneumonia - when you're 91 and frail life changes quickly. Grandma and I are girls of laughter, so I teased her about how she sounds like Mae West with her sexy raspy voice from coughing.  She laughed and went into a coughing fit, so we're having to behave ourselves - at least temporarily!  The nurses are loving her up and spoiling her rotten and she deserves it!  Jesse and I are excited to get out there to add to her laughter, care for her in princess style and help her celebrate the love that is her life.

I want to thank each one of you for your emails, prayers and loving thoughts of comfort that you hold in your hearts for us. Needless to say, life is a little fast paced here at this moment as we finalize details and pack to be away indefinitely. I'm holding your emails on my desk top to respond to each of you personally as time allows.  Oh yes, and the office will be back up and running by the end of next week.

I know many of you are experiencing similar life situations that are painful beyond comprehension.  I infuse in this email all my love to you for healing to create the highest possible outcome.

May you feel the comfort of your angels as they hold you gently in the palm of God's loving hand.

In love and light,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Forgiveness is Key and Temporary Office Close

The past few weeks have been challenging as my human-ness has overridden my spiritual being-ness at times and allowed fear to rule my heart - fear in the form of feelings of helplessness where my dear grandmother is concerned.  When I visit with my grandmother's higher self she's happy and fine.  When I talk to her human self she confirms she's "fine," but... she grows more frail... 

Recently I was chatting with someone and shared with them the moments that are less than joy (fear).  She was surprised that fear is a part of my life. I'm human too, and I experience my own path of mirrored pain, healing and growth.  It is through this pain of expansion into love vibration that I'm able to share with all of you the tools and products to help you on your life path. The angels have been patient as they've worked with me to create these tools in material format.  It is my prayer that those of you who are guided to the Soul Kisses website find it easier to reconnect with the divinity within and open your hearts to the loving prosperous abundance that is your birthright with these classes, meditations and programs.  

Grandma's health failing is judged from a physical world viewpoint as adversity.  Because I love her, these moments cause me to feel the resistance of pain within my heart. I'm reminded that seeming adversity is a sign of golden opportunity for growth and transformation - and so it is.  The reality of this time of struggling with feelings of helplessness that are of fear source energy is a gift.  By arresting the feelings of resistance within my heart with my tools of living in the moment, gratitude, asking for angelic help, grounding, sending love to the situation and forgiveness I experience the joy of the perfection in this life event.

Perfection is a perspective and perspective is everything.

My daughter, Jesse, revealed the perfection of light when she told me she's happy for Grandma.  The veil is gone for her and she already sees and feels the love of those of the angelic realm.  It is only a matter of time before she is released from her heavy physical body to once again climb the highest tree and take in the view from the sky (grandma was a tomboy - when she was 80 she still climbed up on the roof to check the flu) without pain, without fear, vibrating fully in love and light. How can one be sad with this truth?

This week with gentle angelic guidance we are completing the final touches to the Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness audio program.  I'm very excited about this program because Forgiveness is key to shifting our reality from the dark shadows of fear to the light of love.  For many it is the final step in healing causing blocks of fear from life times past to fall as a house of cards.  For me I'm forgiving the distance of physical miles between Grandma and I and the limits of what I can do for her physically from Colorado.

We are spirits of the angelic realm, energies of love and light in human form. Forgiveness releases the light and reveals the limitless beings that we truly are.  In times of adversity, as with the failing health of my grandmother using the forgiveness tool along with other tools shifts me from fear into the higher energy that joyfully shares love and light with her.  Forgiveness releases the glue of guilt, doubt, second guessing, helplessness, anxiety - all things of fear and showers us both with love, light and joy in gratitude. 

We are in the process of working out the details to temporarily move my daughter and I and the Soul Kisses office from Colorado to Arkansas to help care for Grandma.  When this move occurs the office will be down for one to two weeks as we move and settle in. During this time, the daily soul kiss will still go out and orders will be processed.  The newsletter may or may not be delayed. I won't be taking any Power of Two Coaching clients through the summer, but you can add your name to a waiting list for the fall. I've blocked out most of the month of May for appointments but added additional time to the schedule for Angel Readings, Orb Readings, and One on One with Your Angels to accommodate anyone who would like time with me before May 3.  You may, however, schedule for June.  The angels bring such wonderful love and light to all, including me, that appointments will be paused for the shortest time possible.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has emailed me and/or are keeping my family in your prayers during this time of transition and transformation.

May your angels hold the space for you to easily experience the perfection of love and light in all your life situations and relationships.

In love and light,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Archangel Metatron Dictation & Orb

The first time I met Archangel Metatron I was working at opening my heart to the divine connection with those of the angelic realm and I asked who was with me.  I heard "Metatron."  At the time I didn't know who Metatron was, so I executed an internet search and there he was - Archangel Metatron - I was so excited!

The next time I "knew" he was with me was when I sat down to write the Soul Kisses newsletter and I asked for angelic help.  The article practically wrote itself, then I re-read it.  There were several words that I don't typically use, so I looked around my office and asked, "Who's here?"  I heard "Metatron!"  I went to Doreen Virtue's book, Archangels & Ascended Masters to look him up and learned that originally Metatron was a scribe - no wonder he was helping me write!

We became partners in writing for not only the newsletter but many of the programs and classes listed on the Soul Kisses website. It is just that easy to meet and work with those of the angelic realm!

On May 4, 2008 I was taking pictures in my backyard when I saw a red orb in the screen of the camera.  Upon closer inspection on the larger screen of my computer I saw the figure of a man.  I asked who it was and again, I heard "Metatron!"  I searched the internet for a photo that would validate my image and found one with the first click!

Original Photo cropped:
  Red orb and image of Archangel Metatron 
(circled) cropped and enlarged:
Statue image I found on the internet
to validate the photo:

I sat in the stillness and set the intention to connect with Archangel Metatron and received this message from him:

Breathe deeply dear child to release the creative genius of the light of God from within.  Together we share the intricacies of the light for all to embrace As One with God.  The spark of God's love ignites the infinite possibility of all to shower Mother Earth with the healing golden light. Light sparkles inundate the heavens and the earth uniting as one.

This time of transformation holds the promises of yore.  Your people feel the stirrings of the reconnection with the loving essence that is your center.  With open hearts of love and light, embrace this time and allow all that is yours to be your receipt.  Together As One the humans and Mother Earth transcend time and space to be of the angelic.

So be it... And it is...

I am Metatron, Archangel of Light 

We are receiving so many wonderful gifts and tools from the angelic realm to bring us comfort and help make our human lives easier.  Open your heart to the signs and synchronicities of life events for validation of the knowing within your heart that you are indeed divinely guided, protected and loved!

In love and light,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What do you See?

I hope this day finds you allowing the love that is your essence to glow brightly from within.  On this day of remembrance, love and light I'm guided to share a message from years past:

Dear Children...

In this moment of the physical world time, there is anger, joy, hatred and love. There is suffering and pain, there is excitement and celebration. The purpose of the journey of the spirit in the human body eludes many. The Journey is the Mission.

Many look to religion for answers. The answers are with The Holy Father, The Creator. Within each one of you, The Holy Father has breathed life - the life of your spirit. In that breath, inside of each of you, is the essence of The Holy Father, the essence of God. All the answers you seek are within you, in your essence.

There are Lightworkers in your world who teach of your birthright to ask for help. The love God has for each and every one of you is more than the human mind can comprehend. As an illustration of this love, He has assigned to you legions of angels who are ready in a breath to help you fulfill your life mission. Look within. You will find that this is true.

Man has composed fear as a method of control. Fear is but an illusion. There is no fear with The Holy Father -only love. Look within to find the love within you and share it with the world. Pray for understanding, ask for it and understanding shall be yours. Each one of you is God's voice, speak in love...

There is question in the physical world as to whether I died on the cross. It is not important when my physical body died. What is important is that my spirit lives and will live forever. Death of the physical body is not to be feared. It is but a breath - a breath from the physical body to the celebration of spirit.

Your Easter is a celebration of the continued life of my spirit. My spirit is very much alive and well. All you need do is ask to feel my presence and I am with you.

Know that you are never, ever alone. Not only are you a crowd of angels... I am with you... for within you, I live...


I received this message many years ago when I asked for guidance from my angels. I typed what I was given, then was surprised and honored... when Jesus signed it.

The Journey is the Mission...  If you're less than joyful with this moment of your life, choose to change it.  Look within and ask your angels to show you what you need to face, disconnect and heal from to step into your power.  Perhaps all you need to do is claim your healing and embrace the powerful essence of limitless love and light that you are!

Know that you are love and light and that you are loved beyond what your human mind can take in.  I send you cyber hugs of love - {{{place your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder and give yourself a HUG!}}}

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Someone sent this illusion image to me several years ago.

Stare at the image for a few seconds, then look at a light colored wall or ceiling.

What do you see?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are you feeling "Stuck" and/or in a "No Where" place?

I've been talking to many of you who have been feeling stuck.  A few have been feeling as if they are in a "No Where" place. You feel alone, deserted by your angels and in some cases by God. Do not despair!  First, we are in the post shadow of Mercury Retrograde, so the energy flow of our planet that seems to suck out our brains making thinking fuzzy and unfocused is almost at an end.  Secondly feeling stuck and/or in that "No Where" place is a sign that Golden Opportunity is here Now!

When we reach that feeling of stuck in mud, fear is our foundation.  Whether consciously or subconsciously fear is in charge because we've expanded and grown from who we used to be to a higher state of love - yet the fear is what blocks us from "feeling" and "knowing" the guidance of our angels.  It is like a Catch 22. We (me included) get caught up in the "physical world" fear of the unknown future - the unknown because we don't have anything  in our archives of the past to compare this higher state of being. Hence the fear - thus throwing us into a physical world preception of feeling abandoned by our angelic assistants.

When we reach that place of feeling stuck, as if we're beating our head against the wall and/or that we're not really anywhere - just some place in between where we used to be and where we're going, step back, take a deep breath and acknowledge that Now is an exciting moment of ascension!

With this acknowledgement, whether you see it our not, the perfection of your experience will begin to reveal itself to you!

May I suggest stepping back from your situation as a observer - releasing the emotions of pain, sorrow, anxiousness and fear surrounding your reality. Ask your angels to sit with you and show you all options and opportunities before you. Then be open to what comes to you - perhaps an image in your mind's eye, an angelic voice whispering to you inside or outside your head or perhaps just a knowing in your heart of the choices and opportunities that are really before you.

As the observer use this time of Post Shadow Mercury Retrograde to look honestly at what no longer serves you.  Thank what no longer serves you for its part in your life and bless it on its way then allow the universe to fill the void with love and light. Breathe into that love and light and embrace it to your heart. You will feel your energetic vibration lift to that of love - you will sit taller and be able to breathe more deeply. Allow with each deep breathe the love light of your essence to expand into the space around you.

Revisit with your angels to again Show you the choices and opportunities available to you - there may be more or what you see may be different, for you've released what no longer serves you.  Now you are more equipped to make choices and decisions that will create the highest outcome possible.

It is in the times of feeling alone and abandoned that we have the most angels with us - they are so close that they feel as one with us - hence our human mind feeling as if we have been tossed aside even by God. Know that you are never, ever tossed aside - your crowd of angels grow larger and closer - as One with your essence.

Being in a "no where" place is really an exciting place to be from a spiritual standpoint because it is a sign of tremendous spiritual growth from deep within. You have reconnected with the love essence of who you are and it is time for your transformation to the higher vibration of love to manifest as your reality. Allow the love to manifest in your life - you are held in the loving palm of God - prosperity is your birthright - allow it to manifest through you to your reality!

As a human, that "no where" place is where my fear has often become the strongest and blocked me from receiving the great prosperity that is my birthright. Don't let this happen to you! Boldly claim your power and acknowledge your birthright of great prosperity in relationships, finances, health and your perfect self expression!

Setting your intention to step back as an observer, releasing with blessings what no longer serves you and filling the void with love shifts your energy to that higher vibration of love and opens the way for experiences of love to manifest as your reality.  The "no where" place is the launch pad to infinite possibility! Feeling "stuck" or in a "no where" place is your sign that you are ready for the exciting adventure of joy flowing on a sea of love! Know that you cannot fail... You are One with the essence of God.

Remember... you are one with the essence of God...

In love and light,