Thursday, September 11, 2008

Love from September 11

September 11 - 911 as it has come to be known.

September is my favorite month, probably because my birthday is in it. Now it has new meaning to me and to so many others. On this day of remembrance, I say a prayer for all who have contracted to return to the spiritual realm in mass as well as those who transitioned home one at a time.

Transitioning home singly is devastatingly painful for families and friends of the individual. Group transition touches the masses - countries - the world. Group transition ignites the spark of love within - the God Part within - to reach out and touch one another with unconditional love that is buried most of the time under physical world fear. There is no race, no color, no religion - only helping those who need help being helped by the human spirits. We join together in love to help one another in times of tragedy no matter what country we are in or what nationality we are. Love reigns supreme - as it should - as it must.

Sharing love in times of sadness and loss gives us great strength to follow our hearts in times of adversity - in times of chaos. Chaos and tragedy are the catalyst for true hope. These are moments of great opportunity for spiritual growth. These are moments that hope and love are found and embraced. It is in these times that the spiritual beings experiencing a human existence cast aside physical world conditioning and fear and live from a basis of true love. Love seeds are planted deeply into Mother Earth by acts of kindness from the human spirits. Joy, peace and love spring forth from these seedlings planted. Pathways are opened to the truth of the God Part within each one of us.

Life changes.

Life shifts.

Do we hold to the elation of these emotions experienced - acts of kindness and love - a connection of all being a part of the whole of God - a One-ness, or do we revert back to separateness, back into the shadow of fear that the physical world teaches is normal?

It is a choice.

We are being given great opportunities for seeing and experiencing God's love. What are we doing with it? Those who have contracted to leave in mass have not done so in vain, have they?

Now is the time to lay aside the physical world fear and chaos and embrace with great gratitude the perfect love of those who returned to the physical realm so perhaps those who were left here would "get it" that we are all One. Mother Earth is shifting. The collective consciousness of the planet is also shifting. Startling and unexpected life events are in full swing for most of Earth's population. How are we dealing with it? Are we grasping this golden opportunity with both hands to look within, to connect with God and His messengers, our guides and our teachers to work in tandem to aid others as well as ourselves? Or are we wallowing in guilt, unforgiveness and fear, blaming others for the events that are shaping our lives and who we are?

Now is the time to be the limitless spiritual being that we are, to grab the bull of fear by the horns and to look it right in the eye and claim our own God given power back. We are limitless, infinite possibility. We are One with God. We continue to be One with the loved ones who have transitioned Home to the Spiritual Realm before us. We ARE the strength of God. We HAVE the sword of Archangel Michael in our hands, together, cutting away the ties of fear and darkness. We HAVE the healing hands of Archangel Raphael to heal the human spirits. We ARE One with Jesus, the man who walked the grasses of Mother Earth bestowing miracles on others - we too have miracles within each one of us. Will we pull these gifts forth, claiming the true God essence of who we are, bestowing unconditional love, strength, healing and love everywhere we go?

Will we?

We are the love of God incarnate and we are not alone - we are truly, each one of us, a crowd of angels, guides and teachers. Are you asking for their help? Or winging it on your own?

Blessings of great love to those who have gone before and for those human spirits who walk the grasses of Mother Earth.

In love and light,