Monday, August 19, 2013

Fall is in the air in Colorado..

This week the temperature has broken records in Colorado, but last week and momentarily this week, when I've breathed deeply of the breath of God, I smelled the promise of fall.  Fall signals a time for change - change in the weather, change to warmer clothing, and the promise of a time of ending, but also an opportunity for renewal, refocus, restructure and realignment of goals for the year.  School is back in session and the slower more relaxed days of summer are behind us, or are they?

In today's world, our physical time seems to almost evaporate. Yet, the perception of our expansion and contraction of time is morphing into a new state of BE-ing.  I've been so deeply involved in projects these past few weeks that my sensitivity to time has escaped me on more than one occasion - so much so that it has been almost freaky!  Have you been experiencing this?

With this new concept of the passing of time (or lack thereof) can we carry the limitless possibility energy of summer vacation into the fall and beyond?  Can we choose a reality outside the hustle bustle of our hectic To Do List and settle into the bliss of perceiving our life to be a joy filled vacation?  Hmmm... joy filled vacation, I like this idea!

Shifting our opinion of work, to play...  I LOVE this idea!

Hmmm... but what if you don't like what you're doing or there is an area of your life that is uncomfortable and unhappy?  What are you doing to change this?  What's holding you back?  Did you know your entourage of angelic beings fully support you to create life experiences and relationships that you love?  Did you know Mother Earth is also in full support of such experiences?

There is no time like the present - this moment - to let go of your fears and allow yourself to dream big about the changes you want to experience in your life.

What would you change first?

We live in a magical time of expanding our Creation Energy to new levels of magnificence!

The fall of limited and restrictive thinking is in the air in Colorado...

In love and light,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Selfish? Or Responsible

If you're unhappy in a relationship and you choose to leave that relationship, are you being selfish?  Is it your responsibility to make others happy?  Is it okay to put your feelings, needs and desires last after everyone and everything else?  Is it ok to choose not to do something, even though we know that our heart would sing with joy if we did, because we're vibrating in our normal state of fear and to do something different, even though our heart would sing with joy, is scary because it just might stop the fear and we'd be faced with a new state of normal?

The answer to all these questions isn't, "no" - it is a loud, forceful "NO!"

Living a human life is complicated when we buy into physical world teachings of what is acceptable.  Remember the quote "God helps those who help themselves?"  What does this mean to you?  Through a detailed discussion with a dear friend, I discerned what I believe this to mean.

I believe God helps those who help themselves by being wise enough to know when to ask God for help - and that "when" is always!  I believe that when we ask God to help us, we bring in the wisdom of our higher self - that aspect of ourselves that is right there with God at a higher plane of existence - where the vision of what the highest outcome of a situation is clear.

But the fact remains we live in a fast paced physical world that dictates our every move from a source of fear. I believe it is time to change that perception of living.  I believe its time to tap into the Divine light within us and dissipate the darkness of fear to reveal the truth of our highest good.  I believe when we open our heart to allow this, the love that is our essence will change the world we live in to a better place for us and everyone around us.

But of course, that would mean living a life of joy. For many of us, living in joy is a foreign place, yet...  a place that we long for and dream of.

Years ago when my grandmother would go somewhere or do something outside her normal every day routine, I would ask her if she had "fun."  She didn't have a definition of "fun."  She could enjoy something, but "fun" was something that was unattainable for her.  She resides with the angels now and she has assured me she is having "FUN" now!

What is your definition of fun?  Are you living a life of joy in all areas of your life - any area of your life?  What's your stress level right now?

If you yearn for more fun, more joy and and to learn how to manage the stress in your life, scroll down and click the links below to register for two complimentary programs that hold the tools to do just that!  In the mean time, ask God for help!  When was the last time you asked for help yourself, in your prayers?  Plus, I recommend using your favorite grounding method to manage the negative energies you are bombarded with on a daily basis.  By maintaining a grounded state of existence you'll balance the energies around you more easily.  Also, ask your angels to shield you from all that is less than love energy and embrace the energy of their love as they surround you.  As you ascend your energy life will be easier

When we tap into the Divinity within us, we discover that life can be so much easier than it is, AND so much more joy filled!  You deserve to be happy, it isn't selfish to make changes to be happy, it is the responsible action to take!

In love and light,

Monday, August 5, 2013

Seize Your Power...

In today's world the things that annoy us, things we don't like, things we aren't in agreement with, things that make us feel stuck and things we wish to change are stepping through the shadows of living to stand right in our faces.  They can no longer be ignored.

What are these "things?"

Things that no longer serve us, such as jobs we're miserable in, but we go to every day because we're convinced they're safe, secure and we can't get another one, relationships that have run their course and no longer hold physical love (much less honor and respect), feeling trapped in life situations and relationships, choosing to live an existence of lack and being a victim to name a few.  ...and...  we've been taught by the physical world that we have no power to change these life situations.  We've been taught that we just need to get over it and deal with it - PLUS, what would people think?  We retreat deep into the safest place we can find, feeling lost, powerless, helpless and alone ...and we suffer.  We're taught that this is the only thing we can do...

I believe its time to change that way of thinking!

This past weekend, Freddy, the Majik Poodle and I went to Breckenridge, Colorado to meet a dear friend from California who was visiting for a wedding.  She's from sea level and Breckenridge is 9600 feet above sea level - thin oxygen...  Obviously our bodies need oxygen and if you aren't acclimated to the altitude the human body can feel pretty crummy.  Just what can you do about that?  Get more oxygen!  The first thing we did when Freddy and I picked her up was take her to an Oxygen Bar where we all (except Majik) breathed in 30 minutes of 90% oxygen - and life was better for everyone.  We made a choice to make a life situation better and an option presented itself to us almost instantly when we made the "decision" to do something to create a higher outcome.

For many of us, making decisions is the key to a tailspin of panic.  A place where we feel alone because the energy of decision making is a foreign land full of uncertainty. Years ago living in a state of indecision was an okay place to live - it wasn't comfortable, but it was our normal way of living and it was tolerable.  However, through the years it has become a more and more painful place to be - this space of uncertainty, feeling powerless and helpless.  The universe no longer supports the energetic state of indecision.  To create a better reality we must become a society of decision makers - preferably decisions that create the highest possible outcome.

What we long for is clarity, support and validation that our choices are good.  We want the lights to flash and the earth to shake and an angel to stand there with a sign that says, "Kate this is exactly what you are to do... Step 1...  Step 2...  Step 3...  Follow these steps and you cannot fail - you will be successful and happy!"  I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon - at least not in my lifetime.

In last week's newsletter I stated:  "It is OUR job to put our needs and desires first, then everyone else will adapt.  From a human standpoint that sounds really selfish doesn't it?"  The reality is that being selfish is when you avoid making a decision because it is easier and more comfortable not to.  When you get clear on what it is that you want you expand your heart consciousness and options present themselves - like the Oxygen Bar did for my friend from California.

Not every decision will produce the highest possible outcome, but no decision will create nothing different - only more of the same.  Is this the way you want to live?  Like you have for years, or do you want to experience your heart singing with joy as your new normal?  Know that Mother Earth, the Universe - the love of All That Is fully supports your ability to create your version of Heaven on Earth!

My friend came to the Colorado mountains and experienced the unforeseen challenge of the altitude.  Lack of oxygen is something you typically would not expect - the planet is covered with "air" right?  As with any endeavor your own uncertainty may make change like going to a place on earth with less air and you're uncomfortable at first.  But when you keep your heart open to the guidance there's an Oxygen Bar on your path to help you.  However, it is up to you as to whether you accept its blessing then fearlessly move on to create your desire or retreat back into the state of feeling powerless, helpless and stuck.

Your birthright is to be happy - to create your version of Heaven on Earth as your reality.

If you are living the life of your dreams, I applaud you!  Congratulations!

This webinar is my gift to you to hold the safe space for you to choose to step into your power to create the life you wish to live.  Please share the link to this complimentary webinar with anyone you believe would receive benefit from it!

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Is there a relationship that no longer serves you?

The Chinese Zodiac tells us this is the Year of the Snake.  This year of  2013 is "a year for reflection and strategy." "It's a strong year for inner development, emotional renewal, metamorphosis, elimination and recycling." (

As humans we tend to hold on to things - forever...  I finally got rid of jeans I had in high school, but I still have two Corning Ware dishes - with the lids - that I received in 1978 (no chips, and yes, I use them) OMG!

We hold on to relationships with things, people, thought patterns, beliefs and money with both hands even though they've served their purpose and our lives would be better if we blessed them on their way and stepped forward without them.  Yes, this includes money - blessing money on its way, sincerely from our heart - without any fear - opens the way for prosperous financial flow to come to us!

The question is, how do we know when something has served its purpose?  My jeans and dishes are a perfect example.  I didn't wear the jeans any more, so they were taking up space that something I would wear could fill.  I use the dishes, so they are beneficial for me to keep.

Relationships with people are a little trickier.  For example... we're hardwired to believe that it is our job to make everyone else happy - as a result putting our needs and desires last.  When we do this, we're forever trying to accomplish something that isn't even our job.  The happiness of others is their responsibility.  The only person we are responsible for is US.  If you're unsure, ask yourself this question, "Who am I doing the breathing for?"

When we try to "make others happy" (a form of control) we interfere with not only their free will, but with their job of creating their own happiness from within.  It is OUR job to put our needs and desires first, then everyone else will adapt.  From a human standpoint that sounds really selfish doesn't it?

Lets look at the bigger picture:  First we attempt to read someone else's mind to determine what makes them happy, then we push our own desires out of the way (which can and often does lead to resentment) and most of the time our efforts fall flat and sure enough, resentment steps in.

When we put ourselves first, we get clear on what it is we want, which leads to communicating our desires to others, then they have the opportunity to weigh in on the result of a situation.  We may not agree, but it opens the door to negotiation with honor and respect, setting us up to produce the highest possible outcome for everyone.

This is how we stand in our power, with honor and respect for not only others, but most importantly... ourselves.  When we do this, creating the outcome that makes our heart sing is more possible.  When our heart is singing with joy, that loving energy touches everyone around us, including Mother Earth.

Relationships with thought patterns and beliefs are the most elusive.  What do you believe about yourself that no longer serves you?

Do you believe you're good enough to be happy?  Are you worthy to receive wonderful things as the reality of your life?  Are you deserving to be loved beyond measure?  ...the answer to these three questions is, YES!

If you felt any resistance in your body to a "yes" answer, take this moment right now to stop what you're doing and close your eyes and take some deep breaths.  Ask your angels to join you and allow yourself to feel them come near.  Take their hands and form a circle.  Instruct an aspect of you to enter the center of the circle - this aspect may be you as an adult or your inner child.  Now send love to yourself - the angels will do the same.  Send all the love of your heart to the essence of God within this aspect of you - no judgment, no beating yourself up over the past, no guilt, just love - all the love of your heart.

Know you are fully supported by your angelic entourage, the love of All That Is and Mother Earth to release all that no longer serves you and experience emotional, physical and spiritual renewal - your own private metamorphosis.  As you release all that no longer serves you with love, your energy will transcend to the light energy of Christ Consciousness.  You will then have the creation energy to manifest as your reality your version of Heaven on Earth - loving relationships, financial flow, optimal health and work that you love!

I hope you'll join us tonight!

In love and light,