Monday, March 30, 2015

Angelic GPS March 30 - April 5, 2015

The powerful energy of this week is all about igniting your passion to live into your miraculous life and the secret action step to bring it to fruition!

This week is a time for exciting new beginnings, ideas, revelations and adventures in all areas of your life!  It is a time to feed your creative juices positive energy and enthusiasm to blossom into a greater expression of yourself - knowing with every cell of your being that you're fully supported by not only the angelic realm and Mother Earth, but the Christ Conscious energy that ascends the energy of Mother Earth.

This love source energy is ==>>>pulling you forward -- pulling you with the powerful love force of spirit.  This energy is not just surrounding you with unconditional, loving, magnetic support, it is flowing through you revealing a new sense of purpose.

This new sense of purpose is not technically new - it has always been within you, but it feels new - it feels clean and fresh because you are at a higher level of understanding - a higher vibration of love, so it is as if you have new eyes to view your life and a renewed energy of creation within to create from this moment, a bold new experience of promise, hope and limitless possibility!

It is time of you to accept that you are outrageously powerful at creating the experiences of your life and with this acceptance, it is simple to access the unseen loving force of spirit within you to masterfully create a strong foundation of joy to breathe and live into your future of joy at a quantum level.

The secret action step to magnificently live into your miraculous life has 3 parts:

1.  sit quietly and choose - from your heart - the passion that makes the cells of your body sing with joy.

2.  activate that energy of joy within you by shifting into it till every cell of your body vibrates with the "Full Body YES!" energy of joy - embrace it till you're really  FEELING it!

3.  maintain this excited, expectant energy as much as possible every day.  When you feel the energy wavering (it will, because you're human), go back into that space of limitless possibility - reconnect with the joy of what makes your heart sing and move forward BE-ing that joy filled, expectant energy.

Not sure what makes your heart sing with joy?  Not to worry - this isn't about "having your life all figured out" - its about BE-ing true to your heart from today forward and living into the greatest expression of yourself!  Simply explore what brings laughter to your lips, a sparkle to your eye and a surge of joy in your heart. 

Step out of your limited human shoes and with the aid of your angelic A-Team, breathe into the limitless shoes of your higher self and explore all the possibilities that reveal themselves to you.  Allow -- A-L-L-O-W -- yourself to spread your wings and fly by dreaming big with the abandon of a child!

The force of spirit is always with you!  This week's energy fully supports you to release the control of fear and allow the life force creation energy of spirit to guide you and manifest the love and joy filled life that is your birthright!

It is a powerful week!  I know you'll make good use of it!

In love and light,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Angelic GPS March 23-29, 2015

March 23-29, 2015

The powerful energy of this week is all about Sacrifice (in a good way) and Patience!

What are you "holding on to" that is "holding you back"?  What is between YOU and being the limitless spiritual BE-ing of love and light that you are - enjoying your human experience?

And the answer is-not money.  (Hint... its the energy between you and money and everything else that brings you joy!)

The energies of this week are pulling forward what no longer serves you.  Let these beliefs, thought patterns, material things and relationships go - knowing what they truly are - an experience of your past that does not serve you in the world you want to live in today. 

The human aspect of you may "see" this as sacrificing you power - because...  surrender is involved.  Surrender to acknowledging the life you're currently living will open the way to live into what you really want.  Its time to course correct - create something different from a new energy of love or above.

When you process through the illusion of "sacrificing the hold you have on control" through the love or above energy of "surrender and release" you'll make room for the seeds of prosperity you've been lovingly planting to grow, bloom and propel you like "Jack's beanstalk" into the land of prosperity, joy and happiness. 

You'll discover your power of "control" to focus your Creation Energy on what you truly wish to experience. The empowerment of releasing what you've mistakenly believed you "needed" - limiting beliefs, thought patterns, material things that do nothing to enhance your life, and relationships that undermine your confidence and self worth changes everything!

It is time to CHOOSE to get out of the day to day "survival mode" of living and breathe deeply and live into a new life of joy filled prosperity! 

Breathe into blending your mind, body and spirit as one with patience based in faith - knowing throughout every cell of your BE-ing that you deserve miracles in all forms!

Your DESERVE to Receive Miracles!

With open arms, breathe into your most magnificent life!

In love and light,

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Angelic GPS March 16-22, 2015

March 16-22, 2015

The powerful energy of this week is all about change and processing through fear!

With the new moon eclipse and spring equinox on March 20, our human bodies are experiencing a time of completion.  Old energy is shutting down - old doors and portals to the past are closing and new ones are opening.

Cycles of fear are completing and a new awakening - a new paradigm of living is exposing itself to us.

This exposure of new possibilities holds opportunities of pure gold filled with love and light and for many, comes on the heals of extreme adversity.  Adversity where you've had to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your soul to confront what you can no longer avoid.

Though painful, this seeming adversity has pulled forward what's left of the stranglehold of fear of the past.  Do not think the golden opportunities that are revealed to you are "too good to be true" and walk away from them.  These opportunities are the seeds of your faith and trust blossoming to fruition.  Embrace all the good that is coming to you - expect it with gratitude!

Accept that you deserve something better than the fear filled life you've been experiencing as your normal way of being.  Fearlessly face the fear and pain of the past for what it is - the past and close the door on it.

This is a magical time of choosing what you really want - joy and happiness through limitless possibility or more of the same fear.  Access the Divine Light within you and embrace the joy of your version of heaven on earth - its here for you now.

Demand it and be open to receive it!

In love and light,
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Angelic GPS March 9-15, 2015

March 9-15, 2015

The powerful energy of this week is all about fulfillment of wishes!

"The heart wants, what it wants."  ~ Emily Dickinson

The heart holds the wisdom of the ages and fully understands the human mission - to ascend to the energy of love or above creating loving miracles left and right.

Yet, we ignore it, often times believing that what the heart wants is "just too good to be true."

When the opposite is the actual fact - the heart knows what our highest good truly is and works diligently to "show" us the way.  We breathe into the light of our heart and life becomes easier, simpler, effortless.

Yet, the human way of doing things is to ignore flashes of inspiration as "wishful" thinking and plow forward in the same energy we just created chaos with expecting to create something different - then being disappointed when we create more of the same.

What if...  you accessed your heart-space and listened to your heart?  What if you allowed yourself to "see" what your heart wants.  What if you allowed yourself to shift into the elation energy of the joy of experiencing what your heart truly wants? 

How awesome would your life be?

The powerful energy of this week is all about the fulfillment of the wishes of your heart.  Do you know what they are?  Have you negated them as impossible?

What if... you shifted your energy from the expectancy of "I can't be, do or have ____" to "I can be do or have anything I want!"

A-L-L-O-W yourself to access your heart space and discern what brings you the greatest joy, then A-L-L-O-W yourself to BE that joy - drawing to you... fulfillment of your heart's truest wishes!

In love and light,
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Angelic GPS March 2-8, 2015

March 2-8, 2015

The powerful energy of this week is all about overcoming the illusion of self-doubt!

We live in a physical world laced with insecure energy based in fear of some kind.  We're taught by society that we're not good enough, limited and powerless to BE happy. 

Yet our heart space tells us something different.  From within our hearts we know that we're not only good enough, limitless and powerful, we also know - from deep within - from the essence of our BE-ing that we create the experiences of our reality.

But still... we find it easier to believe the "bad stuff" - we doubt our ability to sustain what we currently have, much less create something new and wonderful. 

It is the human tendency to begin creation of something new - that molding of raw matter into form with the magnetic power of our words and thoughts, then while the pot is waiting to boil, the self-doubt sets in and we question,  "God are you listening - did you hear what I said?"

Know that you have the strength, courage and power within you to make all the necessary course corrections to bring to fruition the joys of your heart.

The energy of doubt and uncertainty is but an illusion. 

Look within.

Firmly decide what you want, stomp your foot and demand it!  Escalate your energy to a FULL Body "Yes!" of what you want to experience and prepare to experience it as your reality - without doubt - without hesitation - completely confident.

Place your order with the Universal Supply Warehouse and expect to receive!

In love and light,
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