Thursday, November 30, 2017

Majyk is doing his part to help out...

Dearest Beautiful Spirit of Love and Light,

I just want to pop in with a huge hug of love, light and angels of comfort, happiness and prosperity!

This week has been really busy for us!

I've been working with my amazing team of angels and humans to deliver the new Manifesting with Florence Scovel Shinn Support Community in the next few days.  I'm so excited about this - providing you with support in beautiful ways  so that your angels do all the heavy lifting.

One of my assistants was very enthusiastic about helping out.  Majyk was on break out on the deck when the phone started ringing.  I was busy and it kept ringing...  So he came in and had a few words with it:

We have a couple of announcements to make:

We'll be opening the doors for the Manifesting with Florence Support Community in a few days - YAY!!!  If you're a Lifetime Member of the Game of Life Mastery Program, you should have received an email invitation.  If you did not receive it, click reply here and let us know!

AND...  If you're in the Denver metro area, I want to invite you to come to The Tiny House Holiday Village at the Shops at Northfield Stapleton, 8340 Northfield Blvd, Denver.  Our Blue Columbine tiny home will be there on display along with several other tiny homes - AND - its the first tiny home with an elevator/lift for you to get into the loft.  We'll be giving tours of the house on December 9 and 10.  Click here for more info.

I hope we've brought a little love and joy into your life today - and maybe an out loud laugh and Majyk's version of taking charge of a situation!

Sending you love, light and super cyber hugs!

PS  Oh... one more thing...  The moon will be full on Sunday, December 3 and it is a Wishing Moon!  If you did not get the low down, nitty gritty on how to use the power of the Wishing Moon to manifest your heart's true desire, click here and learn how my dear friend, Rachel Keene, can help you!

PPS  Click here to access Angelic GPS (insight to getting the most support from your angels to overcome the world's chaos and live in JOY) for next week!


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