Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Soul Kiss August 3, 2016

Almost everyone on Mother Earth wants to be accepted and approved of by others.  It's is part of the human conditioning:  I'm ok so long as others agree that I'm ok.

When we don't get this acceptance and approval, we think there's something wrong with us.

There isn't.

Many times, our feelings of not being accepted or that people approve of or love us is a miscommunication of energy that doesn't have anything to do with us.  Perhaps the other person is going through their own dramatic crisis.

However, sometimes the energy we feel from others is correct.  They don't accept us, approve of us or love us.

No matter what the reason is that we're feeling this energy from others, it can be very painful and leave us feeling isolated and alone.

This is a very sad place to be.

Yet...  When we accept ourselves for who we are.  When we approve of ourselves for being us.  When we TRULY love ourselves, we don't feel that need to have acceptance and approval from others - or even love for that matter.

If the other person doesn't hold love for us, when we do...  we're not in alignment anymore and what they think doesn't matter to us.

We are not here to people please.  We're here on Mother Earth at this time to hold the energy of loving ascension.  We're here to overcome and transcend the fear of this planet. 

When we're happy, we hold love energy and become miracle magnets.

How awesome would your life be, if this were true for you:

I accept myself.  I approve of myself.  I love myself.


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