Friday, October 27, 2017

What to do when you're Collateral Damage

Hello beautiful spirit of love and light,

My dearest friends...  I am deeply touched by all your replies to our reconnection last week.  It is wonderful to be back!  If I have not responded to you yet, I will!!

What to do when you're Collateral Damage

The light is bursting across our planet revealing the darkness of the human heart.  The secrets and lies that people have gotten away with for years are now being revealed - remember how we've discussed that the darkness can no longer hide?

We're right in the middle of a massive revelation and it will continue.

Some of that darkness is not evil, horrendous things people have done (although that's what's splashed all over the media right now).  Some of the darkness is fear that we've been subconsciously holding onto for years - in some cases for lifetimes.

This darkness is coming forward to be healed and some people are not managing the revelation very well.  As a result, they're committing suicide, lashing out at loved ones and doing irrational things that make no sense to the rest of us.

To be blunt, many people are losing their sh*t and they don't know why.

When it's our loved ones who are struggling with this darkness and we're affected - through no fault of our own, we're collateral damage.

We love them, but this experience is awful, now what do we do?

It's easy to fall into a pit of fear disguised as worry.  Because that's the natural human thing to do - worry about our loved ones - and us - especially when something around them includes a huge financial burden or run in with law enforcement or extreme health issues due to carelessness - or anything else that is painful.

When we step back out of the pain of all of it, we know that everyone has their own path to walk and experience - and it isn't for us to fix.  This is a really hard part that we must all understand.  When we fix it, we enable them to continue on their path of destruction, till they finally process through the pain they're creating for themselves - without us fixing what's going on with them.

Remember...  We-All-Powerfully-Create-Our-Reality - whether it's what we want or what we don't want - we powerfully create it!  Understand - you have no control over what others do.  When it comes to being collateral damage to someone else's actions, our creation begins after the fact with how we choose to react.

May I suggest: even though the natural human thing to do is drop everything and tend to them, put yourself first so you can keep your cup full to not only take care of you, but to also support them and others.  When our cup is low, our energy drains quickly and it's really hard to maintain love or above, gratitude energy - sometimes it's impossible because the fear filled worry is so strong.
Get the sleep your body needs because when you're tired, it's easy for fear to get a foothold on your energy. 

Stay hydrated, the body likes water!
Practice grounding yourself to keep your energy as balanced as possible.
Breathe Deeply - if you need to, set a timer on your phone to BREATHE DEEPLY.  When we're anxious, we tend to hold our breath - not a good idea.  It's through our breath that our angels communicate with us.  When you're taking deep breaths - completely filling your lungs with air, you not only feed your vital organs, but you open the way for clarity of thought and the ability to FEEL your angelic team supporting you.  When you're holding your breath - you're stuck.

Ask your angels to send you laughter every day - and don't feel bad about laughing when it may look like your world is imploding.  Laughter is love energy and will support you to create a higher outcome!

What can you do for your loved one?  Hold them in the light of love with the intention of supporting them to create a higher outcome - even if you're angry with them, you do want a higher outcome.  (and anger is a form of fear, you'll want to process through that)  

Ask your angels to help you and send all the love of your heart to your loved one, the situation and everyone else involved.  When you send love sincerely from your heart, you are in your power.  Remember - you cannot be in fear and love at the same time.  When you send love sincerely from your heart, you'll be better equipped to manage your physical world experiences - and support your loved one because you'll be vibrating in love or above energy.

Is this easy?  It's doable.  It gets easier to stay out of fear the more you practice these steps.

One more thing about anger.  You live in a human body and the human body experiences anger.  Don't stuff it when it comes up - instead process through it.  Cry (I'm a crier and a door slammer), take a power walk, clean house, do something that is physical to help you work the anger out of your body, then step back into the light of love as quickly as you can.

Just know that no matter how alone you may feel in a given moment, you're not alone.  If you could see your angelic team when you look in a mirror, the room would be full!

Sending all the love of my heart,

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